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Fees For Services Related To Resident Eligibility

The table below outlines our basic fees for usual cases. In some situations, Immigration may request additional documents, which may be subject to extra charges.

All of the following services include preparing documents and making applications. All fees and expenses are in Japanese Yen.

Type of Application Fee Expenses
Issuance of Certificate of Eligibility JPY 150,000 Consumption Tax JPY 15,000
Change of Resident Status JPY 150,000 Consumption Tax JPY 15,000, Stamp Duty JPY 4,000
Extension of Period of Stay JPY 80,000 Consumption Tax JPY 8,000, Stamp Duty JPY 4,000
Acquisition of Resident Eligibility JPY 70,000 Consumption Tax JPY 7,000
Permission of Permanent Residence JPY 150,000 Consumption Tax JPY 15,000, Stamp Duty JPY 8,000
Special Permission for Residence JPY 250,000 Consumption Tax JPY 25,000
Work Qualification Certificate JPY 100,000 Consumption Tax JPY 10,000, Stamp Duty JPY 680


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