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Hiroki Hoshino

Managing Director
Shihoshoshi and Gyoseishoshi Lawyer

Hiroki Hoshino

Hiroki Hoshino is the Managing Director of Hoshino Godo Office and has been with the firm since August 2003.

He graduated from the Department of Political Economics at Waseda University in 2000 and obtained both his Shihoshoshi and Gyoseishoshi designations in 2004.

His principle areas of specialization are corporate and real estate legal consulting. Hiroki is also a co-writer of the book “Yoku Wakaru Shin-Shintakuho no Jitsumu,” a practical plain language book about Japanese Trust Law.

When not at the office, he can be found enjoying a round of golf or singing karaoke.

Hirokazu Iwakami

Shinonome Law Office

Hirokazu Iwakami

Hirokazu is an attorney-at-law with Shinonome Law Office, one of the Shinonome Group companies. He is a graduate of the Keio University Faculty of Commerce (1999) and completed his law studies at Keio in 2001.

Hirokazu (and Shinonome Law Office) has been working closely with Hoshino Godo Office since April 2009 and is a specialist in commercial and corporate litigation and civil law cases. He is a “hands-on” player with Shinonome’s international legal services team.

Always aware of the ever-changing social expectations of the legal profession, Hirokazu brings passion and sincerity to find practical solutions for all clients, and is a strong advocate of ongoing professional development. Hirokazu has a range of leisure interests, but lists baseball, golf and traveling as his favourites.


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