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Certificate of Eligibility

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Work Visa and Certificate of Eligibility

If you intend to work in Japan, you will need to obtain the appropriate visa from a Japanese diplomatic office in your country. Depending on the type of work, the time needed to obtain a visa varies from a few days to a few months in some cases. To shorten the time and to simplify the procedure, you can apply for a “Certificate of Eligibility” first. Shinonome provides services related to obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility, from preparing documents to filing your application.

Procedure A

Begin by applying for a Japanese visa. Can be time-consuming and complicated.

Procedure B

Begin by applying for a “Certificate of Eligibility.” Much less complicated.

Ordinary Steps to Acquiring a Visa

  1. You (or your representative) consults with us by phone, e-mail, or in person.
  2. We will present the most suitable procedure for you situation. If we predict that your case may be rejected by Immigration, we will notify you prior to proceeding further.
  3. You agree to the procedure and make payment.
  4. As soon as we confirm your payment, we will start making documents for a Certificate of Eligibility application. In some cases, additional documents may be necessary, and we may have to ask you to provide more information and materials.
  5. We will file your application with the Immigration Bureau.
  6. Acceptance or rejection of your application will be determined.
  7. You will start the procedure for acquiring a visa.

Case Study

A Japanese Branch of a Foreign Corporation Employs a Foreign National

If the applicant belongs to a group company or a related company of the foreign corporation, his/her status is categorized as an “intra-company transferee.”

Requirements For Acquiring a Certificate of Eligibility as an “Intra-Company Transferee”

  1. You must belong to a foreign organization, a public institution, or a private company, which has its headquarters or branches in Japan.
  2. You must be transferred to work at a branch in Japan for a certain period of time, and the type of your work must be either “engineering” or “international services.”
  3. Right before the transfer, you must be engaged consecutively for longer than one year in either “engineering” or “international services” at the organization.
  4. At the branch in Japan, your pay must be the same or more than that of similar Japanese employees.

Documents Required

Merits of Asking SHINONOME GROUP’s Shihoshoshi Lawyers of Hoshino Godo Office

Depending on the type of eligibility, the Immigration Bureau may request the submission of various documents in addition to the usual documents. In such cases, both you and your employer need to prepare the required documents. Some of the documents do not have any fixed form and some are rather complicated. Let us help you with making the documents. By asking us, you won’t have to worry if your application documents are acceptable to the Immigration Bureau. Take advantage of our professional services to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility and a Japanese visa.

If you are trying to employ a foreign national, ask Shinonome

  1. We prepare all necessary and complicated documents for employing foreign nationals.
  2. We prepare legal documents such as registration-related documents and business plans.
  3. We communicate in English (document translation is also available).
  4. We take care of visa-related procedures such as renewal, change of status, and permanent residence.

If you are trying to work in Japan, ask Shinonome

  1. We shorten the time to acquire a Certificate of Eligibility.
  2. We communicate in English (document translation is also available).
  3. We take care of visa-related procedures such as renewal, change of status, and permanent residence.


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